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We'll Keep Your Site Up To Date

The most baffling aspect of contemporary web design shops is their lack of desire to see their creations maintained. Too often when surfing the web do you see a website that was last updated two or three years ago and then, proudly displayed either on the side of the site or at the bottom, is a link to the company that designed the website. What is there to be proud of?!?

Usable Web Solutions includes a one-year maintenance agreement in all of its contracts. This contract gives each of our clients up to two hours of web design/update work each month. For a low monthly cost (determined on the needs of your organization), you will have the power of a UWS designer ready to help your organization update the content on your website. In the event that you have a webmaster or an in-house designer, an agreement may be worked out whereby basic updating needs are controlled by your organization while the higher-end maintenance needs are completed by our staff.

And folks, the truth is that when we place our button or link on your website, we want everyone who accesses your site to see the very best presentation of our skills.

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